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oilfield safety and compliance

Prosper Operators, Inc. (POI) is sincerely committed to the safety and welfare of our employees. Accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient and productive operation. 

POI prides itself on a commitment to the prevention of harm to personnel, the environment, and our customer’s property. This is implemented through our management process of providing the necessary guidance, training and resources to meet POI’s goal of a “BUILDING ON QUALITY SAFETY FIRST” attitude. Through proper training and leadership employees are encouraged to develop safe attitudes, which, in turn, foster similar attitudes in others, thus creating a continual cycle of safe and quality working environments. 

It is through dedication, employee efforts and diligence that Prosper Operators, Inc. strives to be a leader in maintaining a high safety and compliance standards throughout the oil and gas industry.

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At Prosper our goal is to prevent accidents, promote safety, protect facilities and eliminate downtime. This practice is vital to POI and its customer's success. Each Prosper employee is trained, educated and certified in a number of areas to comply with government rules, regulations and customer specific needs. 

Partial list

of training provided to

POI employees

  • Production Safety System Training (T-2)

  • Crane/Rigger Training


  • Offshore Water Survival

  • First Aid/CPR

  • TWIC

  • Fire Fighting

  • Hearing Conservation

  • Hazardous Material Handling

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Confined Space Entry

  • H2S

  • NORM

  • PPE

  • Lockout Tagout

  • Customer and or Job Specific Training

At Prosper Operators, Inc, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our efforts and know that to be successful we must become an organization that is driven by commitment and dedication to improving the quality of our services and the knowledge of our people.

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